A Blog Activist’s Tale with Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK)

, founder and editor of on the internet news weblog Malaysia These days, gives this lecture entitled ‘Beating Malaysian Authoritarianism with Individuals Powe…
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17 Responses to A Blog Activist’s Tale with Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK)

  1. ataraxiaism says:

    1:24:30 epic ever, i actually laugh out loud! good one RPK :)

  2. Simon Lambert says:

    he was spot on bout the things he mentioned what the people of Sabah and
    Sarawak want

  3. unitD7 says:

    the real 1 Malaysia…

  4. Nelson Alfred says:

    Raja Petra should contest in the next G.E,even if he is doing it from

  5. Vishnu Rajendran Amboo says:

    Its simply starts with a simple change..only when the bumiputra’s (the
    majority) voice out that all Malaysians be treated equally like how the
    black american’s fought 4 their civil liberties its only then with that
    understanding we can be truly united as true Malaysian.. Is anyone gonna
    start giving up their “bumiputra” status to be equal as every other
    Malaysian after half a century independence? Be proud together and say we
    are Malaysian! All the pity/sad stories is just pointless!..

  6. Derek Chew says:

    @MrMikesnewman: I don’t think it came across that way, or that the crowd
    was making light of his message by giggling. He is a passionate man yes,
    but as you can see he has a keen sense of humour, and it was very clear to
    me that he used sarcasm to get his point across. The audience merely
    responded naturally to the sarcastic comments, as intended.

  7. thegreeensky says:

    nice speech.. well said…

  8. kuchifai payung says:

    excellent speech

  9. danieltkb says:

    i want the malaysia to be free and have its human right. lets make a choice
    for the better of tomorrow, if not there will be heart break of the
    tomorrow, the voice of tomorrow still not yet being seriously taken, so
    tell all to make the final move, and i really understood this man for the
    love of the next generation of us !

  10. Yu Jing T says:

    Please take me, I can feel your aura

  11. Christopher K Wong says:

    Good onya, mate!

  12. shakuganYuuki says:

    good one RPK~ support

  13. eliyx says:

    More people needs to watch this!

  14. videoblitz45 says:

    He is entertaining & informative.Malaysia needs people like him who would
    bring positive transformation to the present day,backward & uncompetitive

  15. Asambaboy says:

    Raja Petra & Haris Ibrahim should contest in the next election too. Even as
    independent againts BN or Pakatan. We will support you. (Any part of KL or
    KG Raja Uda, Klang).

  16. Liv Yam says:

    i could hear him speak all day…

  17. dt1utube says:

    hail rpk ….

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