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16 Responses to ACTING Guidance FROM AN Grownup ACTRESS

  1. Naomi Donders says:

    She does not seem like a pornstar, she seems pretty nice and smart..

  2. Vanvanessa K says:

    ”i don’t know 5sos”
    i can relate so much to caspar’s reaction.

  3. Druvodagreat says:

    shes not like porn star trashy looking shes kinda pretty

  4. Janely Gallegos says:

    Casper is the next president of South Africa

  5. Etem Demircan says:

    Wow she touched you a few times. You don’t know where those hands have been

  6. Matthew says:

    Why was this filmed at sawyers house… Hmmm was she originally hanging
    with sawyer… doing stuff… and then Caspar like came over and was like
    oh can i interview you for my channel…

  7. ConnorSealock says:

    Why the fuck would you agree to interview a trashy porn slut. Lucky you
    didn’t get a fucking STI. 

  8. Vic K says:

    Casper if you didn’t bang her brains out after this video I’m

    jk :)

    but seriously tho…

  9. Dilbert T. Witkins says:

    I went on Asa’s channel. There is no collab with her and Caspar. Anyone
    else have this issue??

  10. Lorenze Sparks says:

    isnt 5sos an iphone product or something?

  11. TheGugor says:

    id fuck her really hard >_>

  12. Colin Fahey says:

    Acting or not by the kid, I think his reactions are hilarious

  13. StrangeKAWAIILover says:

    -Why is he so nervous
    -Why is he so weird around her like shes really dirty
    -Why is he flirting wit her so much…
    Yes im jealous
    Dont hate

  14. Sammy says:

    Not gonna say how I knew her before this video, but she’s awesome I love

  15. Jason says:

    She’s so sexy and funny and gorgeous and perfect! 

  16. Shivangi Singh says:

    I don’t think the people in the comments understand that the fact that
    caspar was talking about innocent things and asa talking very graphically
    was probably on purpose for comedic reasons.

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