Amarillo police warn of &#39spoofing&#39 scams

of &#39spoofing&#39
“The advertisements may be genuine, but this caller was not, and the female lost her cash,” Barbee explained. “Remember, any time someone asks you to spend money in buy to get money, it is a scam. If you win money — regardless of whether it is a civil suit or sweepstakes&nbsp…
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Why Do So Numerous Scams Make It Into Microsoft&#39s Windows Store?
In an investigation, How-To Geek points out that searching for companies like well-known media player VLC turns up a number of scams alongside the actual app. And the fakes appear genuinely related. In the case of VLC, some dummy versions price money—even though&nbsp…
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Flipboard revamp targets iPad and mobile customers
Its principal rivals contain Newsstand by Google and Facebook&#39s Paper, but Flipboard was one of the first apps on Apple&#39s iPad tablet and blended collectively algorithmic and human curation to generate a highly visual personal magazine, and partnered with&nbsp…
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