Appreciate your fame and spare us the sermons, Leslee

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So, will you quit going on and on about this &#39selfless&#39 act that noticed you, mom of two, invest two years struggling in a hostile surroundings, enduring all method of desi discomforts , all because you wanted to give India an invaluable existing! That&#39s …
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GUEST Area | The Actual Crying Indian
The renowned commercial, made for Preserve America Gorgeous Inc. by the former Marsteller Company, was released on Earth Day in 1971. As iconic as the “crying Indian” promoting campaign was — even obtaining been named one particular of the top one hundred ad campaigns&nbsp…
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India&#39s slum tailors to the rich and renowned
Gulzar Ahmed is a single little website link in the human bridge among Dharavi, 1 of India&#39s greatest shanty towns, and the fashion boutiques of Milan. The master tailor in a tiny workshop run by Italian designer Viola Parrocchetti, Ahmed is 1 of thousands of&nbsp…
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