Boehner rebels miss their mark

Plainly, the most interesting different — certainly, the rival who siphoned off the bulk of the anti-Boehner enjoy — was Winter Backyard&#39s Daniel Webster, formerly popular for having become, in 1998, the initial Republican speaker of the Florida Home of&nbsp…
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Who is Naming Their Child Iker?
The Huffington Post has helpful maps of the most common names for boys and girls. If you want to see what the names &quotLiam&quot and &quotEmma&quot look like when they are displayed numerous occasions, nicely, you&#39re in for a treat. Not to be outdone, Vox went and took …
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S&ampA 2014 Highlights: The Gentrification of Black Movie
Editor&#39s Note: I&#39m continuing to republishing final yr&#39s (2014&#39s) most well-liked posts. Some of you would have presently read through each and every item, but I&#39m also specific that other people have not, provided that the site&#39s attain continues to increase often, attracting new …
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