Canadian Lady Singing: Urvasi Urvasi (Tamil)

Hey there people! Okay, this video should not be taken as well significantly since this was, of course, just for the fun of a song in a foreign language. A…
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23 Responses to Canadian Lady Singing: Urvasi Urvasi (Tamil)

  1. Ary R. says:

    HEY EVERYONE thank you SO VERY much for all the views and wonderfull
    comments!! I have looked up the proper pronunciantion of the sound I
    mispronounced in the word “vazhkayil” (I might be writing it wrong but you
    know what I mean 😀 hehe) This has been a learning experience for me and
    thanks soo much for your help and support <3 You have been the best viewers
    anyone could get!!! (Expect more Hindi and Tamil songs… possibly other
    languages too!!!) xoxo PS: So sorry for the long waits! I promise to make
    it up to you guys!!

  2. Salahuddin Mohammed says:

    This is the most awkward thing I have ever seen in my whole entire life.

  3. Jude I. J. says:

    Oh girl you got that skill! I can understand the pronunciation difficulty
    at the ‘zh’ sound. Even I took time to get it right being a south Indian.
    Keep up the good work. #RESPECT

  4. Ruff BlaZa says:

    will you marry me?

  5. Mithun Rathinasamy says:

    You did a great job! I don’t think I can sing a foreign language song so
    perfect like this. Keep it up and curious to hear more Tamil songs from
    your great voice! :)

  6. Ramrajkumar M says:

    Make up ah paaaru….

    Adha paathaley therinjiduchu Tamil saralama pesamatanu….
    “Paaaaaaaaaaah, Pei maari make up adichiruka…….!!!!!”

  7. hari .v says:

    instead of using “zh” use “L”….where ever its applicable…for example
    “VAAZHKAI”…..change in to “VAALKAI”…then you wil get correct
    pronunciation….any how awesome performance.

  8. Naveen Rafa says:

    oh… that was cute… loved it

  9. barathi prakash says:

    good singer and a good song selection.
    try to practice to pronounce the words properly.
    you have good future….

  10. Vignesh Tvl says:

    Are yu really frm canada?…I doubt…U r so natural wit tamil words
    …awesome work…I would luv to hear the song nenjukulle from kadala


    the way you pronounce hahahahaha
    but really it’s nice
    hope you get a chance in bollywood :P

  12. Anandji Varadarajan says:

    Incredible effort. The specific word you made a mistake on is not at all
    easy to pronounce even by other Indians(except maybe the Malyalees from
    Kerala). Do keep learning.

  13. Pranay Kamble says:

    Nice singing… ^_^ wish u better luck for more songs in different
    languages! :)

  14. rohith ny says:

    hey., wow jest yo superb… yo trying to learn our mother tongue TAMIL….
    & thank’s for promoting our LANGUAGE

  15. Gauthaman G says:


  16. reginald vivek says:

    waiting for a good chettinad recepice in chicken. thank you.

  17. Lakshmi Prabha says:

    Deepa.. can u share the website address or facebook link 

  18. John Rubi says:

    realy super and thank u yepdi en mamiyaruku pudicha mathiri chiken
    seiyalamnu romba nerama search pannan enaku ithu k agumnu thonuthu and
    marupadium thank u

  19. Karthika Esakky says:

    Dear Mam, Unga receipice s ellam nan pathu Try pandren , Very nice taste ,
    and very thanks,neenga neraiya receips podanum kirathu ennoda
    request…apram neen chettinau masala la star nu sollrengala, athoda name
    Annasi poo…athayum serthu sonnengana.. silarukku understand agumnu
    nanaikren… thank you your Receipces……and ungalukkum…bye 

  20. anand babu says:

    English : Star Anise
    Tamil : Anashuppu
    Malayalam : Takkolam
    Telugu : Anaspuvu
    Hindi : Anasphal
    Bengali : Chakro Phool / Guamouri
    Marathi : Badian
    Oriya : Anasphul
    Urudu : Badyani

  21. Muru Gesh says:

    Hi i was tried it”s amazing…… keep rocking for another recepice

  22. Fatimah Bivee says:

    Hi deeps may show me how to cook south Indian rasam . Thanks

  23. i ganeshan says:

    wow yummyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

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