Copywriting And Producing Funds As A Writer With Mindy McHorse Authors want expertise these days – no matter whether it really is writing the description for your guide revenue web page or powerful weblog posts, it is crucial to be able…

4 publishers on how specifically they spend their writers, why it’s important to do so, and why the very best publishing ought to expense . Highlights include: Lisa Lucas on fundraising her personal salary…
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5 Responses to Copywriting And Producing Funds As A Writer With Mindy McHorse

  1. linh linh says:

    how to develop copywriter career in Vietnam? 

  2. unklbuk1 says:

    Yes, I too have read the same, just sounds too good but… you never know.

  3. Jerald Hopkins says:

    I like Joanna and Mindy even seems to have a lot of positives, but there is
    info online about awai company being a ripoff:

  4. Michael Massie says:

    People who say AWAI is a ripoff… that’s sort of like saying you put your
    book up on Amazon and no one bought it, so KDP must be a ripoff. I’ve taken
    several of their courses, and you get out of them what you put in;
    personally, I thought I got my money’s worth. The fact that anyone buys
    their courses is proof their stuff works, because half the time the copy
    you’re reading on their sites and in their newsletters was written by an
    AWAI student (and yes, they get paid for those assignments).

  5. Kickstarter YouTube says:

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