Discover Italian – Typical Expressions | Greetings & Salutations

Weilà raga! Ever wonder what “weilà” means? You are going to locate an explanation of it in this video! “Weilà” is a slang word for “hey.” There are some Italians who will inform you they’ve never ever heard…

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16 Responses to Discover Italian – Typical Expressions | Greetings & Salutations

  1. Amelia Liana says:

    Hey Tom! I’ve been watching your videos and you’re such a good teacher!
    Awesome :) x

  2. Michael.YouTube says:

    My best friends from Italy are Enzo Gorlomi, Antonio Margheretti, and
    Dominick Decocco

  3. Spacebound says:

    Thanks dude now i can say things to my girl in italian 

  4. Stephanierockstar309 says:

    For the bello one, since I am a girl would I say Bella? 

  5. FranSugarPills says:

    wella non lo dicono nemmeno all’asilo

  6. Brenno Rubegni says:

    Yeah, it could mean “hello”, but that’s not “wÈila” as you pronounce it,
    but “weilÀ”.
    Anyway it’s something SOOOO informal, like with your best friend.

  7. Lancengi says:

    Love this video! Where are you from?

  8. Margiak says:

    Ottimo video. Non so perché ma mi diverto a vederti spiegare l’italiano,
    anche se ovviamente già lo so essendo madre lingua. Complimenti xD

  9. walid lucci says:

    i think that Italian is almost the same as spanish they have a lot of
    common words
    so for a Spanish speaker it’s more easy to learn Italian !!
    keep up with your videos :)

  10. Marzia Aldrighetti says:

    Very good lesson! bravo. Solo una precisazione per la frase formale “Come
    sta Lei?” questa frase è grammaticalmente corretta ma ridondante, da
    madrelingua italiana non la direi mai, direi invece: “E Lei come sta?” (nel
    caso la domanda venga posta a più persone) oppure più semplicemente ” Come
    sta?” (un solo interlocutore) in cui Lei rimane sottinteso. Infatti la
    forma verbale “sta” già da sola sottende l’uso della forma di cortesia.
    “Come stai?” informale e ” Come sta?” formale. 

  11. Ignazio Al Pacino says:’s a nice video with nice explications …molto grazie signore :)

  12. Irina Kudashkina says:

    Wow! You speak well English and Italian! Compliments! Greetings from

  13. littlebit080780 says:

    I’ve always wondered why Italians put “Ma” at the beginning of so many
    sentences. I know it means “But”, but I’ve never heard it formally
    explained why they put it in front of so many sentences.

  14. fra9942 says:

    In verità weila e ehilà non sono molto usati

  15. Sacco di Sudicio says:

    Weilà?! It’s a joke? Nobody says Weilà! It doesn’t exist! Abbiamo ciao,
    buongiorno, ehi, salve, buondì o cose del genere.

  16. Thedarklord Morgoth says:

    Salve is Latin 😀 and I’m happy Italians still use their root language

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