Duplicating live WordPress site to localhost

In this video, we will transfer/duplicate a dwell to a utilizing the famous duplicator plugin.

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11 Responses to Duplicating live WordPress site to localhost

  1. nowinhome.com says:

    Thnx dude help me alot…..

  2. Eric Tjitra says:

    Dear Shikha, thanks for this video, i found it very useful. However, i
    encountered some problems during the final steps (it’s about the
    wp-load.php). Can you somehow tell me your email (or anything else) so that
    i can ask you questions personally ? really really really need this help,
    thanks a lot !!!!!!

  3. Vivek Srinivasan says:

    Firstly, great tutorial!. I followed all the steps and got till ‘Important
    Final Steps’. When I click on Resave Permalinks, I don’t get the WordPress
    login page. Instead I get the following error: “Parse error: syntax error,
    unexpected ‘}’ in
    on line 45” I opened the atbarwidget php file and got rid of the flower
    bracket, but didn’t help. It led to other errors. Since I am unfamiliar
    with HTML coding, I don’t know how to fix!

  4. Adam B says:

    This was the EASIEST way to save a localhost of a live site. Jeez…I can’t
    upvote this enough.

  5. H Renaud says:

    Very informative. Thank you for the video!

  6. Sanglierdomestique says:

    Smooth sailing all the way, works perfectly, cheers mate :)

  7. Chowdhury Yousuf says:

    Legen, wait for it-dairy=legendary

  8. Mark Griffiths says:

    Good stuff … great tutorial, found out where I was going wrong ;)

  9. ro br says:

    Thanks, good tutorial. 

  10. phil5101 says:

    Excellent Tutorial, Worked first time following your video, a lot better
    than copying files and editing xamp manually as suggested on most forums

  11. Shikha Corps says:

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