Google needs you to buy Large Macs with your face

you to purchase with your encounter
Would seem like the larger challenge is obtaining the industry acceptance on two fronts – the clients to believe in it (which didn&#39t perform so nicely for Google&#39s NFC), and acquiring ample Stage of Sale applications to integrate (one more failure with NFC) – which is worse …
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Amazon won&#39t charge for shipping on tiny, light products
Additionally, the new system will act as an alternative to the organization&#39s present $ 99 a 12 months, delivery-in-two-days Prime subscription. All orders will be fulfilled from the firm&#39s Florence, Kentucky shipping hub. A bulk of eligible products will …
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Oculus VR bought a firm that reconstructs 3D scenes in true time
This time it&#39s Surreal Vision, a firm focused on &quot3D scene reconstruction&quot according to a latest post on the VR outfit&#39s site. … Cardboard application and apps are genuinely somewhat visor agnostic, though they assume both a gamepad or magnet interface.
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