Google will invest $150 million this year to diversify its workforce

will spend yr to its
Final , Google released internal data revealing that virtually all of its workforce was male, and virtually all of them have been from either white or Asian backgrounds. In an try to make itself more diverse, the business is putting $ 150 million into …
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Illinois police will use drones, won&#39t say &#39drones&#39
The state police insist that their &quotunmanned aircraft technique&quot is not a surveillance system. They&#39ve worked with the American Civil Liberties Union to safeguard citizen rights and all autonomous flights will be reserved for the emergencies listed in …
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Facebook: If your feed is an echo chamber, you require much more pals
Facebook needs you to know that you&#39ve only acquired your self to blame for the lack of diversity in views on your News Feed. The social network has not too long ago performed a examine to uncover out why people mainly see posts that mirror their own beliefs and to uncover …
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