Greatest Multitrack Recording Software program daw Studio Recorder by David Campos

Best Multitrack Recording Software daw Studio Recorder by David Campos -check out my site I am welcome to my blog . is the very best way and has the abilit…
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18 Responses to Greatest Multitrack Recording Software program daw Studio Recorder by David Campos

  1. thetruth says:

    I have workstation and I want to do some recordings using my PC what
    recording software I can use to enhance the quality of my recordings?

  2. 3DFLAMER says:

    да это ж давидыч)

  3. whosyabobby says:

    He spent so much time on the background music ha

  4. Tracilyn says:

    very helpful.. thanks!!

  5. Simon Landry says:

    Ableton, FL Studio, Cubase, Logic does pretty much the same job with
    different specs and workflows, to anyone who still thinks FL Studio sounds
    weak and cheap, get yourself a Waves EQ pack and open your ears. Same shit
    applies to any DAW that deals VSTs.

  6. SoundToyzAreUs says:

    There win´t no such as #1. Thats why the world uses different ones. But
    some are better for some tasks.

  7. William Castleberry says:

    A rant if I may. I’m a musician of 30+ years. I have noticed for
    many years. That sound engineers, weather it’s for radio, TV, DVD’s (it
    doesn’t matter) want to enhance everything. That’s their job. But what they
    don’t realize is how much their background music can interfere with the
    subject of the media. I know a successful sound engineer will have very
    good hearing. So they don’t realize when they have the background music,
    and sounds ect, so loud. That it interferes with the understanding
    of, what is being said in the commentary. By a person that is hard of
    hearing. It’s not really their fault, but it is in a way. They have good
    hearing so they don’t realize when they are doing it. They think everything
    is fine when in fact it’s not. They want to get the attention of the
    audience, They are, but the wrong way.
    I myself have quit watching lots of movies, TV stations and shows and (
    commercials which are a lot louder then the show it interrupts) for this
    I’ve watched several of your video, and you are no exception. You need to
    pull down the volume of your background music in your video’s.
    I do a little home recording and you can bet the background music will not
    interfere with the commentary 

  8. HavoKHardstylezzz says:

    FL Studio and Logic..

  9. Songwriter4God says:

    @napome Garage band SUCKS for serious editing and recording. It’s a toy
    mostly. For extremely basic things it’s fine, but if you think a
    professional or serious musician should use Garage Band you have a lot to

  10. Que Mazlan says:

    Well said & great advice David!

  11. worldtalker says:

    Love your information; it is changing my whole outlook on my future home
    studio. Big question: Between ProTools, Logic and Cubase, which of these 3
    do you believe that a newbie to this technology could learn in the quickest
    amount of time, sufficiently to lay down some quality, professional tracks ?

  12. Hudzan says:

    lol “cymbols”

  13. Jether Pilapil says:

    Man all your video is so useful you inspire me and I’m a producer my self
    and been using Logic pro for 2 years now.Thanks for all the tips and God
    bless brother aloha from Hawaii!!

  14. John Osel O. Diaz says:

    thanks man. really helpful.

  15. madmilz says:

    ur sikkk, soz im english 😛 lol ur gna step up my game

  16. Advanced Music Production says:

    @steadytube Garageband is great for playing around but if you want to go to
    the next level you really need to upgrade to logic , you will love it

  17. Advanced Music Production says:

    @outaki12 Protools or Cubase

  18. Songwriter4God says:

    YOu’ve got some good videos and you definitely know what you’re talking
    about, just you seem to ramble and thusly produce fairly long videos… Not
    necessarily bad, but it can get boring and also itsn’t good when you just
    want someone to cut to the chase. Great vid though.

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