how can i start off a blog?

Question by Jordan: how can i begin a website?
im intriguing in producing a get in touch with of duty and i want to make money with it? but i will not no the place to commence…

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Reply by Anime is a actually straightforward blog creator u can use. u just want a google email account which will take like one min to make. ^-^

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  1. Jake Steve says:

    You will want to do some keyword research to find a domain name that is as close to an exact match as you can get. Example: If you want to write a blog about dogs, you would do some research and find the most searched term regarding dogs. If it is “dog training”, you will want your domain to be as close to dog training dot com as you can get, so your site will naturally rank higher in search results.

    Then you will need to buy the actual domain name, there are a number of sites where you can do this. Just make sure you don’t pay over $ 10/year for a .com and you’ll be doing fine.

    After that comes hosting, hostgator, ipage, bluehost are all great choices. Just find the one that is right for you.

    Get your blog engine installed. I would recommend wordpress because it is the most commonly used cms in the world. Most hosting sites offer 1-click installs for it too. Then choose a theme that looks professional and preferably offers ad space so you can monetize your blog.

    Then get your ads in order, whether you choose any of the major advertisers is up to you, but just make sure that your site has a way to make money.

    Then start posting content. Unique, not copy/pasted or stolen from other sites. After that, just market it wherever you can and get traffic.

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