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  1. Pat, you say in the video that you’ve included an outline of the steps so we can go at our own pace. where’s the outline??

  2. Nice work Pat, I use Hostgator and Go-Daddy and when I buy a domain with Go-Daddy it takes up to 48 hours for the nameservers to change to Hostgator so I can not get in and build straight away…

  3. Great vid pat, and still hugely helpful all this time later. I’m in the process of mind mapping my subject so this will help me get started with the actual doing. Real shame about the spammers leaving their sales messages in the comments though! They should realise that most people watching Pat’s stuff are not interested in get rich quick and money scam schemes! Take your advertising somewhere else!

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  5. When you set up a blog for real, don’t use the default “admin” as the log in. Hackers always start with that.
    Add a security plugin like ‘wordfence’ or ‘better wp security’ Still can all be done in 4 mins though.
    Nice work Pat

  6. You must agree though that it’s under 4 minutes for someone who has already done it before but still very helpful video, thanks Pat!

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  11. Pat, thanks for the confidence builder. I just listened to podcast episodes 15-17 and found out about this video. Time to buy a domain and start the blog now. 🙂

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  18. Hi,
    I have a website democratie-en-iran.info , for which I want to create a blog in chinese. Can anyone help me please?
    Thanks! David

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