HOW to check out grammar, spelling and creating ideas with Free of charge Ginger computer software – Hello folks, I basically desired to share with you a single fantastic program which I use for checking my and . That soft…

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  1. Vladimir Tamy says:

    Hello folks, I simply wanted to share with you one great software which I
    use for checking my grammar and spelling.

    That software is cold Ginger and it is entirely free for use, there is a
    paid version also but the free edition is functioning like a charm and the
    main features are useable for employment. It can determine, your grammar,
    spelling and it possess one special option which I did not experience in
    any other software, it gives you writing tips who you can also read that
    same conviction. Seawater is very useful and I really encourage you to test
    it out.

    I personally do not bear whatever relationship with that company and the
    use of this picture is to give you information about this great software
    and barely give you same value.

    Also checkout out my personal blog, I dedicate a great deal of my stuff for
    FREE and I would love to catch you at that place.

    I really hope you like this video,

    HOW to check grammar, spelling in writing tips with FREE Ginger software

  2. any vonab says:

    Why do you use “he” to refer to the program. Not as an offense, but you
    should try using “it.”

  3. Peter Minshull says:

    I’ve recently tested the free-to-use Ginger Spell and Grammar Checker for a
    couple of Spanish English learners. The difference between the
    Paid-for-Premium and Free-to-Use versions is the Paid-for-Premium version
    is text to speech enabled in some 40 languages while the Free-to-Use
    version is only text enabled.

    While the software has its limitations, all in all, it’s a handy helper for
    those whose written English needs improving – and what’s more, it’s FREE. I
    estimated that it improved my test couple of Spanish English learners’
    written texts by 10% to 15%. Though, things to watch out for are;
    1: While the software is very easy to install and run, uninstalling can be
    a problem. There is no obvious and visible uninstalling location point.
    However, had no problems uninstalling the software using an independent
    uninstaller program like Revo Uninstaller.
    2: Apparently the free-to-use version is not yet compatible with Windows 8.
    3: Does not work offline, need a reasonably fast internet connection to
    access the Gingersoftware online database for spell and grammar checking
    4: Not always accurate when checking sentences for syntax errors – being
    the comprehensible order in which words are written. But then again; what
    machine language is good at reordering the various syntax possibilities of
    more than the shortest of English sentences.
    5: While the spell checker is up to the job (I use the English – UK variant
    method of spelling) care needs to be taken when spelling individual
    personal and location names.
    6: Worked better for me as a proof reading tool, rather than typing text
    direct into the software’s ‘reader’ and waiting for the program to come up
    with correction suggestions.

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