How to Include a Customized Site to Your Site

Nowadays we’re going to be taking a seem at how to add a to your web so you won’t have to rely on third get together blogs like tumblr. We’ll be making use of …
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23 Responses to How to Include a Customized Site to Your Site

  1. Lars van Scheijndel says:

    “you do need a host for this” *quits video* 

  2. mixsetup says:

    Hi there looking at maybe installing this.
    One thing does it let you create or does it create Archives so viewers can
    view at a later date if they want?

  3. Nikola Novkovic says:

    dude… i <3 you

  4. Rodrigo Barocio says:

    Okay everything is smooth so far except why is it that when you add your
    “Title for the Post” its a link and when i click it send me to a File not
    found (404 error) how can i remove the link to that title 

  5. Darren Popovich says:

    Can you add photos to your blog using the miniblog script?

  6. jonas brown says:

    You rock, thanks

  7. Oscar Calles says:


  8. aubsdaddy says:

    How come the size of the post is the same as when you click the header
    title and the full article appears? Is there a way to make just a preview
    of it on the blog page and when you click on the header your full blog post
    will be there? Is that possible? If would save a lot of room and each blog
    page would be the same size 

  9. Roman Shatov says:

    so, it’s just for text, can you advice some blog script with image posting?

  10. IIHT Garia Hardware Networking Training Institute says:


  11. Andy Brown says:

    Have tried this using my host and how should I create the sql file to
    export and import?

  12. Conor Johnstone says:

    +octotuts In order to embed this blog onto my home page (index.html) would
    I need to change it to index.php or is there an embed option?

  13. Alexander Millare says:

    tnx a lot!!

  14. IIHT Garia Hardware Networking Training Institute says:


  15. aubsdaddy says:

    *blog post would be the same size

  16. Katarina Harris says:

    This is so fantastic! Thanks so much for the very detailed video, it’s a
    huge help to me and looks like I’ll be using this a lot now. Thanks so

  17. Abby mories says:

    i have tried this plugin but its not working can you please check this 

  18. Nathan Weisser says:

    Awesome Tutorial

  19. Caroline Dalili says:

    Thanx, this is amazing! I just followed your steps and it totally worked,
    wonderful! However I would like to be able to add images to my posts, is
    this at all possible with miniblog? Fingers crossed it is ;)

  20. ParkmonMedia G says:

    Very great information man… I’m building a church website for one of my
    clients, and she wanted me to code a blog site from scratch. I started
    working on it in ASP.NET, but I think I’ll use the software package you
    mentioned here. This will save a TON of time. Thanks octotuts, all the best
    to you!

  21. Nathan Weisser says:

    I get stuck at the admin login. I put in ‘password’ for the password, but
    it just reloads the page and it doesn’t give me an ‘incorrect password’

  22. mbanaso micheal says:
  23. Ben Capelo says:

    All you need to know on how to add a blog to your website.

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