How to submit blogspot to search engine?

Question by : How to to ?
Require to know, how to submit submit to google,msn,yahoo,and other well-liked search engine…. require far more..

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Response by Laxman Suthar
please submit to google webmaster resources

type google webmaster then add a site and confirm by adding meta tags in your html of weblog

then wait your site will be on google inside five-10 days
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3 Responses to How to submit blogspot to search engine?

  1. Jersey says:

    First of all make verify your blog from and then you should submit this blog to various search engine submission websites.

  2. Perfect says:

    just google it. Open google and put your question ‘How to submit blogspot to search engine’. and you will get the answer….its easy man..

    But, you also can submit you blog using other application like :
    1 :
    2 :
    3 :

    I use this application, and its really work.. try it :)

  3. Chaim says:

    There is no special way to submit , you should submit as you submit normal professional websites

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