How to Use Blogger Posts, Pages and Tabs

How to use by google fundamental steps. The big difference among , and how to include posts to as pages.
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23 Responses to How to Use Blogger Posts, Pages and Tabs

  1. SierraRose 1598 says:

    I have been trying to blog for a couple weeks now Everytime I publish a
    post you can see anything! Just the title.

  2. Garry Rackley says:

    Pretty good video for beginners like me.

  3. Glamorous1111 says:

    mine is very different with different optins and its in another language
    any help?

  4. Lewis Taglialavore says:

    Really helpful, thanks! Could you do a tutorial about the “sharing is
    caring” section?

  5. Andrea Garcia says:

    Mine is different! I have no idea how to create a new tab… :( Help!

  6. Dyan Bermeo says:

    This video is out of date.

  7. Garry Rackley says:

    Good info for beginners like me.

  8. Yogesh Shinde says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. 

  9. Myron Eisenhower says:

    can someone help. Unless I highlight using my mouse cursor I cannot see
    anything on my blog. 

  10. Herwan Basiron says:

    Pretty good video for beginners like me.

  11. Muthu Vel says:

    not interesting

  12. Sustainable Sanctuary says:

    I do not have the same features at all… everything is different and it is

  13. Garry Rackley says:
  14. Aishwary Bhombe says:

    Hey Susan please help me out with. I am not able to create tabs on my blog.
    In the pages coloum. Their is no option of converting pages into tab or
    side link.
    Pls help me in getting out of it :)

  15. king Ali says:

    How to Use Blogger Posts, Pages and Tabs

  16. Mrsenchantedtales says:

    I do not have the options to make tabs, why is that? IT only says New Page,
    Publish, Revert to Draft. Nothing comes up as tabs, like in your video!

  17. Phoenix Wang says:

    Hello, I have a question. I want to change my pages like yours, but I don’t
    have the selection of “show pages as..” like you do. Why is that? Can you
    teach me how to make it appear?

  18. xXRomeoXifintion says:

    Than k you

  19. Im The Real Tammy gonna says:

    The way your mouse looks you must be from England or Britain 

  20. watch tube says:

    how add my page

  21. mohammed B. says:

    Nice explanation. 

  22. carmac says:

    Hello Susan, Great tutorial, I do have a question though. Fro my blog I
    have a default page “Home” I can not erase it, it does have the option to
    edit/ View, but the Edit only allows me to change the name but not to
    delete it. For any other pages I am able to delete them if I want to but
    not that default page. Is there any way to get rid of it? Now the reason
    why I want to do that is because I want to put another page as my “home”,
    an introductory page. Any ideas on how I can do that? because every time I
    log into blogger that page is always there, and if I have a different page
    that I want as my introductory page that page will always be first, I don’t
    want it to show, but can’t hide it, nor delete it. I am new to this, so I
    do hpe you can help me out, thanks again. :)

  23. Danilo Soares says:

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