Liam Neeson,Popular boxing champ Oscar de la hoya Islam and the authentic American Irish Boy

In this episode we’ll be speaking about Neeson and the information about him considering about accepting along with Famous de la and other Celebrities along with a unique.
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14 Responses to Liam Neeson,Popular boxing champ Oscar de la hoya Islam and the authentic American Irish Boy

  1. Dee J. says:

    What’s the difference between ISIS and the KKK? Same shit!!! Good Muslims
    are peaceful loving people,more so than all other religions.And Jesus is a
    huge factor in the Muslim religion ….Most definitely not in the Jewish
    religion. We American’s need to stop being brain washed by American
    bullshit politics , especially greedy Israel.

  2. Azman Ahmad says:

    Some of you surely hate us muslims, you even come here to state your hatred
    towards us. Thank you. This video of DeenShow does not create any hatred
    towards their viewers, they simply share good news to us muslims. I will
    not do the same like you do. I will not go to to any christians or other
    non muslim youtube post which quite similar setting simply to say something
    bad or showing hatred towards you guys because we were told “my religion is
    for me, and your religion is for you”. We as muslim were told to respect
    other religion. Thank you again. 

  3. TheBozz2005 says:

    Some commenters below(the “special” kind of fools!) are in acute need of a
    doctor more then anything else, Im glad I am a Muslim in a world on fire!

  4. Dee J. says:

    As a Christian,I am most confused with Christian American’s as to why
    suddenly they’re pro Jews when clearly American Christians were the most
    haters of Jews? Do ignorant Christian American’s even know Jesus is not
    allowed to be mentioned in Jewish prayers? I live amongst Jewish
    communities so I know of their religion and how they perceive Jesus. A
    strict Orthodox Jew will prefer to die rather than enter a church,so for
    you ignorant brain washing Southern American’s,who by the way think NYC is
    another country,lol,you were the most Jew haters wtf??? Before you
    hate,educate yourself ,learn the facts,then analyze. As for muslims being
    evil,omg,we (Christians)were the most evil of all evil to mankind ….Oh,

  5. Marco Scardilli says:

    What is the deen show? Within you stay? I DON’T KNOW

  6. bilel appel says:

    Islam is love

  7. zeb lane says:

    Well, I am here to tell you all, that our Christ, Jesus is the real son of
    God. He appeared to me in my house and allowed me to take a picture of him.
    I will share it with whoever needs to see to build their faith and yes, he
    is still wearing his crown of thorns, for our sins.

  8. Steve Mccarthy says:

    What do you Muslim guys say ” Salamionrye”

  9. Love and Peace says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  10. russell khawja says:

    My best show

  11. Chris Valencia says:

    All deen is is an Isis wanna be!!!!all his bullshit hit him rite in his
    Islam is peace bullshit propiganda!i feel like sliceing that basterds head
    off just like the people he praises did to our american and ally country
    men!son of a salamyofalickhim!

  12. TheImperial333 says:

    this is the best show i liket thank you

  13. Chris Valencia says:

    these guys are a freakin joke!obviously there both uneducated on bible an
    coran,they bothe agree that god is the father thats blasphemy on a muslims
    view,and this irish dude has no clue on jaqck daniels or jim


    In other news bill gates warren buffet mark zuckerberg all still
    billionaire philanthropist that have donated over 30 BILLION DOLLARS TO

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