Love Live! – Happy Maker!

Adore ! two 第13話 Pleased !
Video Rating: four / 5

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13 Responses to Love Live! – Happy Maker!

  1. Edward Lim says:

    I wish I had one of those shirts. For men.

  2. Thyago Lopes Mastrocolo says:

    The “emergency” will be the movie plot. That’s for sure. I think maybe they
    receive an invitation to a music festival outside Japan or something. I
    WANT THE MOVIE NOW!!! ughhhhhhhhh

  3. Paul Blank says:

    I am GUESSING the context is that Hanako is gathering them in a panic
    because, like with the impromptu performance during Honoka’s speech,
    someone wanted a performance DURING the graduation ceremony to get spirits

    I may be wrong, and this may just have been put to counteract all of the
    tears shed in the last few episodes in one fell swoop.

  4. مصطفى عادل says:

    انا أكثر فتاة أحب اغانيجن وبنات عمي لا يحبون اغانيجن 

  5. lucy könig says:

    taihen desuuuuu >-< like the shirts want one too :PP

  6. JentoSchaf says:

    Am I the only one that sees some parts where they used mmd

  7. Latias602 says:

    the llamas or alpacas made my day

  8. abeham7 says:

    I listen to this everyday ^•^

  9. Eli Ayasi says:

    أغنية رائعة جداً و افضل انمي 

  10. Tulip Star says:

    I’m ok with school idols and the Love Live! becoming an actual worldwide
    phenomenon. =’)

  11. Nyanboii says:

    For some reason when you download the full version it sounds really

  12. Honoka Kosaka says:

    Love Live! – Happy Maker!

  13. Louise Hiraga says:

    I want that dress..

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