Making A Living On Instagram

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18 Responses to Making A Living On Instagram

  1. LaurDIY says:


  2. clothesencounters says:

    Das my girl! 

  3. Google+ Sucks says:

    To everyone saying it’s useless, maybe. But by that logic, you’re saying
    that everything useless should be erradicated. Such as most entertaiment
    websites. Youtube should only be filled with scientific documentaries and
    social media should just be for buisness. Acting shouldn’t exist. No
    Hollywood, no TV shows, only informative shows and the news. Arts and
    languages should not be tought, only maths and science. Photografy should
    only be used for informative purposes, no creative photos. Painting is out
    of the cuestion. The only designs made should be for buildings,
    transportation, future technology etc. Videogames shouldn’t exist. Meals
    should also be simple, and not require so much time, it should just be
    nutricious. And all human time should be dedicated into advancing more and
    more, because everything else is useless.

  4. Makota Ookami says:


  5. Fatnin G. says:

    I guess it’s rad for instagramers to post photos do their food… But I
    will never get *why*. Just eat your damn food. .-. 

  6. circadianite says:

    Holy shit, this makes me die inside. I have nothing against her,
    particularly; she’s found a way to make money from doing nothing, and if we
    could we’d probably all do it … but just the shallow, vapid nature of our
    society, that allows her to do so … it makes me want to hurl. Seriously,
    she’s contributing nothing to the world beyond “I look pretty today” and
    “I’m eating lunch” and the world is rewarding her … it’s insanity. 

  7. Lauren Sabino says:

    I want to dye my hair that color but I could never pull that off ugh why :/

  8. Andrea Guzmán says:

    Pretty pathetic… But ok, do what you want.

  9. Cat with thumbs says:

    Now everyone is going to self promote their instagram :)

  10. FirstOzone says:

    Wow, I want money for standing up too!

  11. Shane Oliver says:

    She’s very photogenic!

  12. Brenda Jackson says:

    I’m very surprised you could make money off instagram. I thought when
    people do sponsorships that it’s just to share followers. How does that

  13. Jennifer Nguyen says:

    Wow so inspiring

  14. Courtni Breannable says:

    It actually makes me sad that I’m out here working my hardest to get into
    to college and somehow become a writer but people are getting paid to take
    a picture on Instagram.

  15. BottleCap says:

    what is the app she used for editing the dust off the table?

  16. SeaSaltGaming says:

    Why can’t she just be a model?

  17. Riley Nicole says:

    wtf take a get real job 

  18. Faith ThaiTea says:

    Does anyone know the second app she used to retouch the photo

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