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State-sponsored or not, Sony Photos malware “bomb” utilized slapdash code
But as Cisco investigation engineer Christopher Marczewski and Williams wrote in a Cisco Talos weblog post today detailing their analysis, the wiper malware didn&#39t have to be very complex to do what it was intended to do. “Data is … In a 2009 paper, Steve …
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The Secret Globe of Stolen Smartphones, The place Enterprise Is Booming
Fichtner utilized a pocketknife to slice the broken package. There had been 37 …. to stop street theft. It had little impetus to do so: The carriers make a lot of cash selling costly theft insurance coverage to shoppers, and if safety did …
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SD Occasions weblog: Surveys present open supply tends to make for quicker secure advancement
If I had to give tips primarily based on these two reviews, it would be that your teams must construct as tiny software program as achievable, and depend on open- software program and integrations to do the hefty lifting. Conserving time saves tasks, and as we can see, when …
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