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Boeing finds alarming glitch in 787
A software glitch that could trigger Boeing 787s to shed power mid-flight was reported Friday by the Federal Aviation Administration. The difficulty takes place only when the airplane has been linked to energy continuously for 248 days. While that sounds like …
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A first look at Windows ten
San Francisco. Microsoft hopes to lure far more people to use its new Windows 10 computer software on a range of computer systems and gadgets by making it straightforward to use numerous of the identical apps they&#39re currently making use of on Apple or Android phones. The business said at its annual&nbsp…
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Game Design and style Deep Dive: 1-hit kills in Titan Souls
In 2010, after I had completed university, my first true job was doing work as a computer software engineer for a business that created warehouse management systems. In my spare time I&#39d been producing a 2D puzzle platformer called Chroma. I saved up some money functioning&nbsp…
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