Choosing Between Quality or Quantity with Auto Blogging


One of the very first decisions that you’re going to need to make when you get into auto blogging is whether you want to pursue quality, or quantity. This decision is going to form the foundation of a lot of your decisions to come – so be sure to think about it carefully and understand exactly what you’re choosing between when you do so! Generally speaking, many people nowadays opt to go via the ‘quantity’ route. This means that they spend minimal time setting up each blog but therefore are able to set up more of them. In turn, this would provide you with more streams of income – and that definitely isn’t a bad thing to say the least. Furthermore, since quality isn’t so big an issue when you’re pursuing this route, each of those blogs could be populated with a lot of content. Admittedly, it might not exactly be of ‘stunning’ quality, but it should suffice to provide the websites with a necessary boost in terms of traffic. Despite that, you’ll find that blogs that go via the quantity route alone are not able to rank amazingly well on search engines, nor do they tend to generate tons … Continue reading

Choose the Right Auto Blogging Software Today!


As auto blogging grows in popularity, the number of options that exist in terms of auto blogging software has increased exponentially as well. With everyone scrambling to get hold of their own auto blogging software or plugins, there are new pieces of software constantly cropping up to fill the demand and so choosing the ‘best’ auto blogging software is really a lot harder than you might think. For starters, there are numerous factors that you need to consider. While it goes without saying that you want auto blogging software that will allow you to automatically update your blog with posts sourced from elsewhere, the big question is – What else do you want? Most of the auto blogging software available nowadays will be able to fit the bill and automate your blog posts, but the better ones come with various trimmings that distinguish them from the rest. For example, some of the free auto blogging software that you may encounter may not be able to transfer images over to the blog post. Others may not be able to transfer videos. Yet others may actually transfer text over that you would rather not have transfered, such as advertisement, certain links, and … Continue reading

Choose Rare Content as Sources for Auto Blogging


There are two major downsides of auto blogging that you need to be aware of. The first is the fact that your articles are essentially going to be duplicates taken from other sources and thus they aren’t going to rank that well on search engines. On the other hand the second downside is also that since your articles are essentially just duplicates, people who visit your website and recognize this fact may eventually figure that they’re better of just going to the source of the articles – and thus your chances of building up a following is diminished. One of the best ways around both these problems is to choose rare content as your sources for autoblogging. Nine times out of ten, what most marketers do when they’re setting up their auto blogging sources is look for the best sources within their niche for such articles. These ‘best’ sources are the ones that consistently produce high quality content on a daily basis and very often they end up being fairly famous within the niche as well. On the other hand, if you were to dig deeper into the blogosphere you will be able to find less famous blogs and sources … Continue reading

Checking Out New Sources for Auto Blogging Content


Traditionally, auto blogging content was initially sourced from PLR articles, and all it really meant was that you’d upload a number of articles into a scheduler that would then publish them according to your specifications. Since then, auto blogging plugins have come a long way, and nowadays using PLR as a source of content is no longer in fashion – to say the least. Instead, the recent trend has been to use RSS feeds as a source of content. With so many blogs and websites out there all sporting their very own RSS feeds, you’re going to find that it is quite easy to locate high quality RSS feeds that are chock full with content for practically every niche that you can think of. The advantage of these feeds as opposed to PLR articles is that they’re constantly being updated with new content and so there’s very little risk of you ‘running out’ of content when you’re using RSS feeds as your source. Even today, RSS feeds are still the most popular source for auto blogging content. However, in recent times there have been a number of new auto blogging techniques that tend to source their content from various other … Continue reading

Can Blogger-Based Blogs be Automated?


Generally speaking, there are two dominant platforms that are used for blogs – Blogger and WordPress. The latter is by far the platform of choice for marketers seeing as it enables them to use a variety of different plugins that help in various areas including statistic tracking, traffic generation, SEO, and so on. WordPress also has plugins that enable it to carry out auto blogging. On the flipside, Blogger does not have plugins – so does that mean that it cannot be automated? In nutshell the answer to this is: Blogger-based blogs can be automated as well. For quite some time, the lack of plugin support on Blogger meant that its users were severely limited in what they could do. During that time, the idea of automating a Blogger-based blog was essentially just a pipe dream and was not even close to reality. However, as auto blogging has become more and more popular, new and more powerful types of software have emerged and some of them actually give you the ability to automate your Blogger-based blogs! The advantages of doing so are tremendous. On the whole, Blogger has a reputation for being indexed quickly and ranking fast on search engines. … Continue reading

An Introduction to Automated Blogging


Automating internet marketing has become somewhat of a craze lately with many different solutions cropping up that all claim to allow people to just sit back, relax, and let the software do the work for them. Most beginners who know relatively little about automated blogging end up getting caught up in the idea of being able to automatically earn cash while not even working. Here and now, we’re going to explore exactly what automated blogging is all about. Contrary to popular belief, automated blogging does not consist of software that writes blog posts on your behalf. While it would be nice to have a robot that is able to churn out great blog posts about any topic that you feed it, that simply isn’t the case. No matter how advanced the automated blogging software you end up using – it needs to get its blog posts from somewhere! More often than not, that somewhere ends up being RSS feeds. Basically, RSS feeds are just syndicated content from other people’s blogs or websites and therefore they form a readymade source of content. Without getting too technical, it should suffice to say that automated blogging consists of taking these pieces of content … Continue reading