Popular Atheists Who Aren&#39t Atheist: Hold off on Papism David Brooks!

Well-known Who Aren&#39t : off on !
You can study all about these famous figures in my “Famous Atheists Who Weren&#39t Atheist” series. Its aim is to out the religious affiliations of popular men and women erroneously connected in the popular imagination with non-belief or even militant atheism …
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An eagle, Laettner enjoy and Aaron Rodgers: What&#39s going on at the national
The conclusion of the NCAA tournament is akin to the Super Bowl. Regular folks watch on television, renowned folks attend and the host website pulls out all of the stops for the occasion. As Duke and Wisconsin begin what should be a close game in between two best&nbsp…
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From the “Runaway Metaphor” to the “Smarm Geyser,” a Taxonomy of “Time one hundred
(One purpose for the hazy distinctions might be that Time wishes to flatter celebrities into participating by juxtaposing Sudanese aid employees with actresses and beloved radio hosts.) Numerous blurbs are predictably fluffy. But a handful of stand out as clever …
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