Rasiya Muthia a Famous Gujarati Dish

and Dhokla is quite tasty foods.It Is becoming produced by ladies. Site: http://indainveg.blogspot.in.

Study http://www.KyleLe.net Like http://www.facebook.com/KyleLe.net This was an amazing knowledge. Most likely the greatest Indian foods I have ever eaten even although …
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11 Responses to Rasiya Muthia a Famous Gujarati Dish

  1. Indian Vegetarian Recipes says:

    very tasty food

  2. TV10Channel says:

    tasty food

  3. Indian Vegetarian Recipes says:
  4. TV10Channel says:
  5. TV10Channel says:
  6. navib1 says:

    In movies they show punjabis uncivilized while if you see a south indian
    eqting you can see who is uncivilized you will vomit out your food watching
    a south indian eating yuckkkkkk

  7. Sumon Mollah says:

    Without fish or meat I can not eat. I heard the SI food is famous and
    always I ignore mix of coconut food 

  8. Sumon Mollah says:

    I think Bangladeshi food is the best food 

  9. Natalie Goeller says:

    u suk

  10. yvr2002rtw says:

    This video is making me hungry!

  11. concuto11 says:


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