Software program for Game Setting Artist

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31 Responses to Software program for Game Setting Artist

  1. Krzysztof Kotarba says:

    OBS is one of the best vid capture soft and it’s free.

  2. ObsidianJunkie says:

    Blender, Gimp, xNormal are all you need! Freeware ftw!

  3. Aaron Faulkner says:

    HyperCam 2 is free video capture software.

  4. innerheit says:

    Gimp is better for texture with plugins Normal map and Insane Bump.

  5. robert heller says:

    i want to self teach my self this shyt. cause in school my A.D.D i never
    listen to the teachers i learn the stuff my self before a test. i would sit
    a draw during every college class i have been to. i dropped out an move’d
    with a 3.5 gpa.

  6. RollAnotherJ says:

    Would it be a good idea to build a level using the tools in UDK, before
    going ahead and making detailed building and assets in Max?

  7. Owen Prescott says:

    For beginners I recommend Google sketchup, it is very easy to create
    architecture type models to import into UDK

  8. Jordan Franklin says:


  9. RedKevGaming says:

    you forgot Cinema 4d

  10. Ulyessaable says:

    Krita is much better than GIMP, for concept art.

  11. tyler hill says:

    I don’t get why EVERYTHING has to be a model. It really restricts the
    developers freedom to do what he wants by consuming his time creating
    models and textures when you could create a texture like in SOURCE and
    place it on a solid. Some things could be models why others aren’t.
    Building a massive building that you can enter would be so much easier to
    make if it wasn’t a model.

  12. DemonicGaming15 says:

    Could you do a series or a video on tips on how to make your own 3D game
    engine, in either a C language or Java.

  13. Jochem Hagenaars says:

    Thx for uploading

  14. Mepwn12 says:

    you can also use blender to sculpt, it even has a dynamic topology function

  15. izvarzone says:

    I have seen top artists (Anuxi, tvidotto) still using xNormal even if theyh
    ave high poly model from ZBrush.

  16. Barbossa404 says:

    Instead of using Camtasia or Fraps you could also use Open Broadcaster
    Software, which is free and works perfectly

  17. Chris R. says:

    Thanks for bringing mindtex at the table, people tend to overlook it!
    Another great map generation tool is Knald (currently in beta and free)
    knaldtech . com there is a thread over at polycount about it.

  18. arcaneminded says:

    Just a recommendation for normal maps, crazy bump is extremely overpriced
    for what it does. There’s something that’s almost (like 9/10 of the way
    there) as good for $15: mindtex.

  19. Angel son says:

    better than virtual dj.. nice sound quality..

  20. Kina joseon says:

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  21. merry berry says:

    Best DJ Mixing Software

  22. Флэш Кароч says:

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  23. ayşe bala says:

    Best DJ Mixing Software

  24. Mark Chiasson says:

    It’s a good working DJ mixer, however I can’t get the whole program
    fullscreen and have each side fit to the end

  25. franke vidify says:

    for androit?

  26. Martin Farrix says:

    Best DJ Mixing Software

  27. DaRkDim PsyCaym says:

    hi i like to ask if this software is compatible with nimark mixtrack pro2 i
    see it is only with mixtrack and mixtrack pro for pro2? is compatible?pls
    let me know

  28. Nave SDE says:

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  29. Alba Softs says:

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  30. Konrad Kabelknicker says:

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