Submit-Processing with Open-Source Computer software

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10 Responses to Submit-Processing with Open-Source Computer software

  1. Telstar85 says:

    Open Source Software doesn’t benefit me, because I’m not a developer. Being
    Open does not even guarantee my freedom to run or use that piece of SW.
    Instead, Free Software does because I’m a member of my society. I want to
    be free to run, study, contribute and distribute software, which does a
    technical job, or two.

  2. SkyLlama says:

    @roxxas5 He who comments first is in fact last.

  3. Melki Hassa says:

    Try to read all of the software licenses in Ubuntu. file system > usr >
    share > doc > (all) > copyright

  4. CrewRite says:

    Opensource works for me. Not for everyone though. If only the gap could be

  5. Ihatebeingmale says:

    I hate my life :)

  6. Cameron Heard says:

    And I run Linux on ALL of my machines… Haha

  7. Muhannad Aldajan says:

    Well I currently using Nokia N9 which has an open source software(MeeGo);
    it latterly lacks every app that is used on all other operation software;
    starting from WhatsApp to Instsgram. This is really sad because the OS is
    fast and smooth; not to mention the swipe gesture.

  8. 1902937 says:

    wow my subscription box is filled with lockergnome videos lol

  9. CrewRite says:

    Embedded Linux/Unix devices is where Windows is getting left behind.
    Tablets, ipods, smart tv’s blah, blah, blah. VCRs, most likely have a

  10. blacklanton says:

    I love geeks

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