Q&A: Why Google Bots are not indexing the posts of my website?


Query by MS: Why Google Bots are not indexing the posts of my website? I have adjust my blogspot domain to a personalized domain four days in the past. But now, Google are not showing automatically the posts of my website in the search engine as it did ahead of. What am I supposed to do? Best answer: Response by DarrellGoogle Bots will catch on, but you require to give them time / help to comprehend your recent place. This will not happen above evening, and if you site has extremely lower targeted traffic, it may consider about a week to resolve. Make sure that you have followed the standard steps of Optimizing your new website, and monitoring factors in Google’s Webmaster Equipment. Right here are a few methods to consider: 1. Register the website with Google (www.google.com/addurl) two. Sign up and control a Google Webmaster Equipment (www.google.com/site owners) three. Optimize your Site with market standard HTML pages (or hopefully your website is employing a application that does). Right here is a post about excellent Blogs for Search engine optimisation (http://www.candyseo.com/site/blogs-search engine marketing-method/) four. Generate a Sitemap and submit it to Google Webmaster equipment. Give it a handful of days … Continue reading