Should i get Ipod Touch or Flip video camera?


by Adam Kuban Question by Jason: Must i get Ipod Touch or Flip video camera? Hi. I’ve been saving money for me to enjoy. and i usually needed a ipod touch. but these days i started wanting the flip video camera. (i want to start video blogging( video journal (day by day) ) Im going to florida in a week and i was wondering which 1 to get. if i get an ipod touch i would take pleasure in video games and music on the plane, if i get a flip camera i would record my footages for my video site. which one particular must i get? Very best solution: Reply by NickYou should get the iPod nano with the video camera! The nano plays video games and videos and music and has a video camera for your blogging wants! …. the ipod touch does not have a camera. the iPhone does… Add your very own answer in the remarks!

What kind of Polaroid Immediate Camera really should I get?


by Andrea_Nguyen Question by Em: What type of Polaroid Instant Camera ought to I get? I’d actually like the photos to come out like this — I never care about the value, you can get them on eBay dirt low-cost. And also what is expired film for and why do folks promote it? Is it like a photography thing? Finest solution: Reply by annie42the kind that comes with a company that really exists? Polaroid went out of organization, I imagined. What do you feel? Solution beneath!