weblog wiped out – virtually 2,000 posts using blogger?


by luxuryluke Query by Amy Bee Pea: blog site wiped out – almost 2,000 posts making use of blogger? will not publish http://www.supah.com/website/weblog.html i have had this blog site because 1999 and it is vanished. i haven’t modified something lately does anybody have any recommendations for software so i am not depending on blogger any longer? this is gravely upsetting for me, getting been one of the 1st consumers of blogger and to watch it go down like this. i posted and the mistakes returning say : org.apache.commons.net.io.CopyStreamException: IOException caught even though copying. www/blog/rss.xml failed to upload file: rss.xml with explanation: 521 “/ house/www/X/weblog” directory exists www/weblog/atom.xml failed to upload file: atom.xml with explanation: 521 “/ home/www/X/website” directory exists www/website/labels/X.html failed to upload file:X.html with reason: 521 “/house/www/supah/weblog/labels” directory exists Very best reply: Answer by jaxicleThis is why I tell men and women NOT to use Blogger, even though you did not know it at the time, but they are horrible. Let’s encounter it, when you do not have management of your web site 100%, or your database, exactly where all the posts and feedback are stored, you’re screwed to be blunt. I would see if you can hook oneself … Continue reading

I want to download a software that can many files publish like posts to blogger at one particular time.?


by PhoCusWright Question by ankit jain: I want to download a computer software that can several files publish like posts to blogger at one particular time.? I want to download a software package that can many files publish like posts to blogger at a single time. Greatest answer: Solution by nhc_hcmunsYou really should consider Blogger Backup http://www.codeplex.com/bloggerbackup . This tool is not only permit you to backup your posts but also aid you publish your entries to your blog site (maximum 50 posts per day). Hope this assist. -nhc1987 http://themelib.com Add your very own solution in the feedback!