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21 Responses to THE Photo BOOTH “CHALLENGE”

  1. Beatrice Loves Bvb says:

    Well that’s nice. Was laying in bed eating nutela and watching your
    videos…Got too distracted and started… When I was holding
    nutela in the spoon, I inacident put it on my chest instead of mouth. •~•

  2. The Swagmasters 1067 says:

    pause at 5:30 and look at Alex. ;D

  3. Hanzel Kids says:

    CARDBORD challenge:Have Rolanda and Richard make What ever and Alex and Roi
    be Judge of who has the best thing made out of card bord PLEASE DO

  4. Crystal Redd says:

    me and my friend want you to jump in a pool filled with crabs

  5. Maria Villela says:

    Roi is the funniest one in wassabi productions and wassabi vlogs

  6. Nish ahmed says:

    does it cost money to get that?

  7. Journie Chene Cruz says:

    Do this challenge:

  8. Angelina Eguia says:

    my laptop has water on it cuz i loling to hard omfg lol

  9. Sarah Trahan says:

    In the future you will do a doppelganger video

  10. Hannah Bowman says:

    Can U do the dorito challenge. I have to do is try to shove as many
    burritos as you can in your mouth whoever loses has to either try to do a
    split or has to get slapped in the face by the other person

  11. Jeremy M says:

    Next time you should dress up like women.(with makeup and everything :);-)
    😉 😉 😉 😉 

  12. Anahi Aguirre says:

    .-. NO. Aguante el photobooth de ElRubius 😉 naaadie lo supera..


    Like if watching in 2015

  14. *Cute Marshmallow* says:

    3:41 So Funny the alex is have weird eyes

  15. Jana Beck says:

    best photographer on the coast in my opinion. She gives a very
    professional service and is a really nice girl, plus the photos are out of
    this world. highly recommended!

  16. Jamie Marland says:

    Shree photographed my wedding on the Gold Coast. She is an awesome
    photographer. My husband and I are thrilled with our wedding pictures! I
    couldn’t recommend Shree enough. She is a lovely girl and her photography
    is incredible!

  17. Clipping Path Experts says:

    Excellent weeding photo session!
    Thanks by:

  18. Gopali Nissen says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  19. Shree Vella Photography says:

    Here is my video…

  20. Samantha Collins says:

    Wowe! Such beautiful wedding photos Shree! Do you do wedding photography at

  21. Shree Vella Wedding Photography - Gold Coast, QLD says:

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