Thrilling Finish to an Cricket match Ever of India | Highlights 2014

Observe full – batting – Final
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15 Responses to Thrilling Finish to an Cricket match Ever of India | Highlights 2014

  1. Walter White says:

    “SIR” RAVINDRA JADEJA SLAMS 66 of 45 Highlights | Rescue’s India | 25 JAN

  2. Ryan Dobermann says:

    Why didn’t he just run ??? Sometimes pressure makes you do funny things
    while fielding and the batsman may of been able to get through if it was
    overthrow or something =p

  3. Jeona Morh says:

    The ICC Ranking sucks, the following stats of ODI Bowlers shows it:
    Mat Wkts Ave ODI Ranking
    Bhuvneshwar kumar 44 45 37.15 8
    Mohammad shami 39 69 26.68 21
    Mitchell McClenaghan 33 66 24.12 23
    I don’t understand how these dumb people calculate it and bhuvneshwar
    doesn’t deserve to be in the indian team anymore, so i hope he gets injured
    and zaheer khan comes back to play in world cup 2015.

  4. Aasmaa Shahbaz says:

    Jadeja is a real utility cricket. Still has lot to improve but he really
    fills that gap in the indian side. 

  5. yourkidkabaap says:

    The Natwest final was still better than this

  6. Blobfish Gaming says:

    I’m in the USA, I’m a baseball fan, and not to be offensive, I have no clue
    what is going on

  7. Ruben Noim says:

    why u wrong Thrilling Finish to an Cricket match Ever of India | Highlights

  8. Jeffrey c83 says:

    To an cricket match? smfh… everywhere I go. 

  9. jebthaaxe says:

    Has something to do with wickets and tea.

  10. Ruben Noim says:

    it’s really stupid wrigher.

  11. kamarudheen ps says:

    so we call cricket is thrilling

  12. 04lwaterman says:

    Brilliant game!

  13. 1234tajammul says:

    It is reality that Indians learnt a lot from ipl.They are polished and
    spirit to fight even tail ender scored a lot.

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