Top ten YouTube Attractiveness and Makeup Gurus – TopX Ep.eight

These days we’re counting down our picks for the Best ten Elegance and on . Welcome to the eighth episode of , the brand new present where we …
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15 Responses to Top ten YouTube Attractiveness and Makeup Gurus – TopX Ep.eight

  1. Wayne Goss says:

    Thank you so much. Much appreciate it :) 

  2. sephorajunkii99 says:

    You didn’t mention Jaclyn Hill! Queen Jaclyn! Or put MakeupGeek on the
    list, who has her own brand of makeup cuz she was so succsefull on YouTube,
    EmilyNoel who has been doing this for 8 years now and is the OG of beauty
    channels, but you mention Andreas Choice, who uploads like NEVER and other
    idiots who don’t know anything bout makeup… Wtf

  3. iamdiva says:

    Where is Madeyewlook and grav3yardgirl?

  4. 101101 1 says:

    Why isn’t PewDiePie on this. He has he best makeup videos EVER.

  5. BeautiFlyingMe ♡ says:

    Bubzbeauty is my best Youtube <3

  6. Sophie Robertson says:

    Next episode should be most inspirational LGBT Youtuber/Vloggers! <33

  7. Roberta K. says:

    where is Lisa Eldridge?

  8. Tammi Aneko says:

    First off kandee should be #1 she’s the most sweetest YouTube guru out
    there she’s always made everyone smile and always motivated me, and Beth
    she’s not a youtuber anymore she shouldn’t even be considered and even
    though I love her she’s not considered part of YouTube anymore she hasn’t
    made a video for months, that qualifies as a disqualification 

  9. SuperJoshuaAguilar says:

    People are actually complaining about people who were left out and are
    posting their own lists! Wow, WatchMojo has a pretty diverse audience.

    doritos/ Mtn Dew

  10. JulesQ says:

    vintageortacky is the only beauty channel worth watching 

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  12. haleypotter417 says:

    Grav3yardgirl? Madeyewlook?

  13. Rachel Conklin says:

    What about Maybaby?!!?!?!

  14. Hannah says:

    Carli should be so much higher in the list, she’s a true beauty inside and
    out, she makes her videos easy to follow and is always looking for cheaper
    alternatives. She genuinely makes us all feel like we know her in real

  15. Nou Xiong says:

    Where is Nikkitutorials! She doesn’t have that much subs but she is

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