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Grandpa’s Popular Meatloaf Cooking Challenge Heres the recipe! Interior…
Video Rating: four / 5

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  1. LittleMrsMiddleton says:

    I just love you gals. But girlfriend, why is your kitchen not super duper
    like all the makeovers I’ve seen you do?

  2. Kin Community says:

    So fun! 

  3. teddylovee264 says:

    I love love love loved this video!!! Love how your family is and the way
    you all get along. I would like to see more of these videos I am happy for
    all your success but I sincerely wish your family and dad health and more
    happiness. Us, your subscribers really enjoy watching you because we really
    feel we know you and we’re thankful you’re super real with us and let us
    get to know you and your family. We love you rebecca

  4. Sheila6325 says:

    It’s always better when you DON’T MEASURE. been cooking for over 47 years,
    and measuring sometimes ruins a really great meal. Only one rule makes a
    meal delicious, that rule is, ONLY USE WHAT YOU LOVE TO EAT, AND ONLY THE
    The only thing I would have done a little bit different with that meat loaf
    is, a little less water in the bread, but it sure turned out great. Looks
    delicious. I enjoyed your cooking, but for me, your true talent is Design.
    You have an amazing gift, so for me, DESIGNING is where it’s at.

  5. undomiel152003 says:

    Ladies,ladies, ladies, you had me in stitches throughout this entire video!
    So, o’k, maybe you might not be the most organized cooks/chefs out there,
    you certainly entertain us with your culinary antics…hey, we have
    Thanksgiving’s coming up…and Christmas too,,,hint, hint…

  6. Marianne Grimbly says:

    You know how people always say they would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall,
    in this case, not so much. SWAT!!!!!
    LOL Great job. Oh and #1, I do not think you look old, #2, I didn’t even
    notice the tag and #3, you can do a spruce up video for all of us to
    enjoy. You have good bones in the kitchen and you just need a little
    accenting. Sharah I think you make faces and roll your eyes the way my
    daughter Sarah does with me. LOL I probably did the same to my mom. :)

  7. Alexia S says:


  8. Lavanya Srivastava says:

    Thats how indian ladies pour the ingredients …..without measuring ..

  9. Michael McIntyre says:

    this was a good laugh. 

  10. Sharon F says:

    I laughed so hard, you could take this one to a comedy club!! After saying
    that you are an awesome designer and that
    makes up for everything. LOVED IT!

  11. Hailey Shun says:

    oh my, just like when I cooked with my mom lol… I love to see your
    real-life videos Rebecca, and I do not see those 3 things you comment for
    your videos, I was enjoying the videos more!! Thanx for sharing with us…
    oh, and yes, maybe you can forget the idea of cooking videos lol :p

  12. DIY Ideas says:

    nice video.

  13. Gloria Workman says:

    Sure I think you two should have your own show . You two are funny as heck.
    I love it ….. :)

  14. Agnieszka Salamon says:

    I love it girls that you have so much fun when you cook together :). I’m
    gonna try that recipe :) grretings, A.

  15. Robeson Design says:
  16. Janie Pendleton says:

    The look on your daughter’s face at 9:15 is cherry! ROFL>>> Tell your dad
    happy birthday from us as well! 

  17. Zainab Adel says:

    Rebecca you forgot to put eggs in the second one 

  18. Mími Cuadra says:

    I love this type of videos, do more pleaseeee
    your kids are awsome !!!
    Kisses from Lima, Peru 

  19. Emily Dao says:

    sherra is so pretty

  20. missnz00 says:

    trust me its way better than any cooking channel, LOVE LOVE LOVE your
    videos truly, God bless you and your family and happy birthday to your dad.
    P.S. 22/09 is my hubby’s birthday too :) (Y)

  21. RicciMelle1 says:

    I love you guys. Luis is hilarious! I love how Rebecca got so confident
    with her cooking. I bet the meatloaf was amazing

  22. Kaz Hanlon says:

    Seriously you are amazing I just love to watch you no matter what you are
    doing…ok without being a stalker lol. You truly have a beautiful soul

  23. MrsLoretta says:

    So domestic..LOL You did it..that all that matters..I bet your father was
    so happy!! 90 years old that’s quite a feat!! Cute video..xoxo Loretta

  24. Larissa M says:

    It’s nice to see mothers and daughters bonding. Quite entertaining 

  25. ExploringCalifornia says:

    This was such a funny video it was like watching a fast action video next
    to a slow motion video. Rebecca was running circles around Sharrah while
    Sharrah tried to pass whole size onions as finely chopped onion. Don’t
    worry Sharrah you are more advanced than I am. I once make a kitchen

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