Tv Reporter Fail again and yet again (embarrassing moments on tv )

instagram : ckcengiz About the initial video !! being/Wellness/cbs--serene-branson-suffered-complicated-migraine-stroke/story?id=129…

India : One of the Best Interview of Dr. Subramaniam Swamy

India : One of the Greatest Interview of Dr.Subramaniam Swamy on India on Indian Economic climate, Politics..
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31 Responses to Tv Reporter Fail again and yet again (embarrassing moments on tv )

  1. Sofie Cottam says:

    The first one had some sort of brain spazam that reacts like a stroke. She
    wasn’t feeling to well before the live shot but then her speech went during
    it. Xx

  2. DareToBeDeviant says:

    The guy at 3:15 shares my pain with the countryside. Especially in the
    Spring, there’s so much shit (depending on where you are it smells like it,
    too) blowing in the wind, flying up the nose, eyes, mouth. That’s why I’m
    indoors 23½ hours a day.

  3. CrimeJail says:

    WHY do these clips always CUT right after the incident so you see ZERO of
    the best bit, the after shock. 

  4. Monkey Việtnam. says:

    00:40 Surprise Motherfaka

  5. longeyes23 says:

    The reporter that shited in her pants, I know her pain 

  6. jim jimjim says:

    That’s first woman, her botox just expired, her face began to revert to
    it’s original oldness.

  7. someguy604 says:

    @2:11 translation please

  8. Jennifer Jones says:

    The woman who falls off the platform where she is stomping grapes or
    something- that sound that she makes is kind of funny, and I can’t help but
    **sorry** :-/

  9. Jeff TheDragonSlayer says:

    2:18 She Wants The “D”

  10. cryvsspy says:

    A gay man climbing a mountain…

  11. Chris Black says:

    0:43 that woman died. : (

  12. bigbangnone says:

    The AGR (Adverse Gecko Reaction) is best by far. 

  13. Fairouz Latif says:

    I never laughed 3 times on the same joke, but 2:50 make me laughed more
    than 3x hearing how that reporter try hard to cover up things. xD

  14. NiNo LnI says:

    the starting is like wtf..hahahahahahahah

  15. le vrai bilal says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk blowjob kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk thr best one 

  16. mandar patil says:

    If you have long hair and beard then you are a Naxalite !!! It`s a
    necessary but not sufficient condition !!! PsycoSwami has gone insane !!!
    😀 😀 

  17. Krishnan Subramanian says:

    this interviewer is retarded

  18. गणेश दत्तात्रय थोरे says:

    He says Kiran Bedi is better than others of them (Naxallite Kejri team).
    Well that’s proved in 2015..Jai ho Swamy..

  19. Himanshu Anand says:

    ‘We are a nation of Hindus and those with Hindu ancestors’ he should
    complete the sentence ‘who are now betraying everything Hinduism stands
    for’. How can you say that taking away a person’s right to decide the
    future of a country he has lived in for 6 generations is strengthening
    Hindu culture? How does that make us better than those he claims to put
    under the microscope? How does that make us better than Pakistan where
    Hindus are treated like second class citizens?
    An eye for the eye your father’s father’s father’s father’s father’s father
    took, is that we Hinduism teaches Mr. Swamy? The difference between a
    gangster and the policeman is the uniform and the values it represents, if
    the policemen start meting out gangster style justice, the world is doomed.
    Irony is, the public applauds whenever someone does it on screen and the
    public will applaud Mr. Swamy for turning us all into traitors to our own
    I wouldn’t want to live in an India where he is considered right by the

  20. गणेश दत्तात्रय थोरे says:

    This retard interviewer knows nothing about India..

  21. sandeep stephen says:

    Good interview….mr.swami is a great asset to the nation …but he says 99
    brilliant things and 1 idiotic thing …and that raises a question on the

  22. Mr. P says:

    I don’t agree with swamy that Muslims need to agree that they had Hindu
    ancestry to get voting rights, whether that’s 100% true or not. While
    Hindus have been converted largely during the sultanate and Mughal rule,
    lots of Muslims in India are directly from the regions from where the
    sultanate and Mughal rulers came from, so it’s possible that they have no
    Hindu ancestry , unless they married Hindu men/ women after arriving in the
    subcontinent. In that case, it’s possible that many Hindus have Muslim
    ancestry as well.
    Besides, his argument that this is required to unify the nation is slightly
    absurd. There are many other ways to unify a group of people. Perhaps,
    interest in the development of the nation they belong to is one.

  23. Sunder Thadani says:

    Hats off to Dr. Subramaniam Swamy for clarity, simplicity, and easy to
    understand any subject under the sun. His honesty and determination is
    unchallenged. No wonder he is in tune with Prime Minister Modi. Hypocrisy
    in not in his nature. He is too frank and express freely without fear.
    Pakistan hates him with passion. Best Wishes for Dr. Swamy and India is
    proud of him. Kind Regards! Sunder T 

  24. Sanal MG says:

    I may agree with Swamy on many things but ‘the Hindu ancestry-DNA finger
    printing argument is bizarre. How can a logical brilliant economist like
    him make such ridiculous statements? Or is has a meaning or politics beyond
    my understanding?

  25. Kanak Agrawal says:

    I am a Hindu and Swamy’s ideas about Hindu extremism are not good for India
    ! We should continue to be a secular and tolerant society, for continuing
    our peace and growth of India !

  26. 100Aurangzeb says:

    I laugh when People take Dr Chootiya Swamy seriously. This man is a
    Certified Idiot .

  27. Mrigank Mongia says:

    I believe, all Indians are equal, and should have the right to vote,
    irrespective of the religion of their forefathers !
    And, A. Raja is still out, not only that , he is also contesting LS
    elections from Nilgiris. Law & Order RIP :P

  28. Tadatmanam Srijami Aham says:

    Swamy is Amazing as Usual.
    We have more muslims here in India now than in Pakistan even though they
    wanted a separate Islamic State and after 67 years, the society there is
    crumbling down and all they care about is Kashmir. So much for Sharia law.
    Indians Hindus/Muslims/Sikhs/Christians/etc. need to study on how is the
    religious atmosphere of Islamic countries of the world. And why is it such
    that. Is it because of Islamic law. You will find it is. Is Islamic law one
    of worst kinds of propaganda in recent history where you even say something
    a little against Mohammed you get BEHEADED.
    Yes. And who implements it. The government of the country itself because
    theres Muslim majority. How can the government be so cruel and why is the
    world community not waking up. It never will. They have oil.
    Wait and watch another 200 years and Hindus will be become the minority in
    their own land of birth. And that is when the worlds oldest civilisation
    will be at an end and that is when the land from where worlds noblest ideas
    emerged will be shadowed with darkness. People of India know more where the
    world is heading and stand up where you need to take a stand. Understand
    that no Islamic country is ‘Secular’. If we want for India to be a beacon
    of knowledge as it were in the past, we must fight to preserve our heritage
    and that is what SWAMY is doing. I Salute him for that. A nation of 1
    billion people on earth salute you.

  29. Anuj Kumar Dey says:

    he is r8….

  30. Raj Naik says:

    salute to Swamy,

  31. Jay Santos says:

    Dr.Subramaniam Swamy is a Hindu extremist & an anti-Muslim hateful BASTARD
    who should be expelled from this Earth and shipped to Pluto!

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