Tyler Oakley Interviews 1 Direction

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23 Responses to Tyler Oakley Interviews 1 Direction

  1. IRBFGW says:

    This is sad after all that stuff that went down with Liam and Tyler. 

  2. Tyler Oakley says:

    I interviewed One Direction.

  3. Manon Maas says:


  4. Rori Styles says:

    I dont like tyler ! Whatever ! The boys look so so cute 

  5. amanda shinnick says:

    I am literaly a crazy ass bitch when it comes to one direction. I am so
    fucking jealous right now. Tyler you lucky bitch

  6. felix silva says:

    OMG I have been trying to get one direction tickets for my daughter but we
    can never get them and Tyler just interview them .I guess I need to be
    famous to see them

  7. ::blood:: says:

    Tyler is the only legit YouTuber i’ve ever seen who is as much of a fangirl
    as I am. xD Queen.

  8. DOVA KHINH says:

    You are a fucking gay

  9. Harry's bae says:

    How is it that I have NEVER fucking come across this video

  10. Casey Beres says:

    I love how calm and collected he stayed throughout the whole interview 

  11. hope ryans says:

    six of my favorite people

  12. Kellie B says:

    OMG!!! You are so lucky!!! How could you possibly hold it together like
    that!? Btw, love your vlogs, you are fabulous!!!

  13. Lacey's Beauty says:

    OMG 3 hot guys=harry,nial, and tyler

  14. Lady-Nina says:

    I just saw this video and had to take a peak, cause even tho I’m new to
    your channel, I know how much this must’ve meant to you ;)

  15. Juliann Verzosa says:

    HOLD UP. HARRY STYLES retweeted u on my bday

  16. DANIELA BUENO says:

    Boyfriends back?…huh

  17. Mathias Kern says:

    Porque termine aca…. xD

  18. revolrtol says:

    did he actually take down all those posters after his fight with Liam? :'(
    not a fan of 1D but I love Tyler and I kinda felt sorry for him.. :/

  19. Jaedyn Hamilton says:

    GAY PPL R SO FRICKING ADORABLE!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! I literally want to meet
    him jst so I can hear him talk!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!

  20. Parody Queen says:

    CAN I BE U!?! Thats probably freaky…CAN I BE U

  21. IfUnicornsRuledTheWorld says:

    Do I need to be a part of One Direction to get one of Tyler’s flower
    crowns? :D

  22. Alyssa Cisneros says:

    I know no one cares but, holy crap, he interviewed them in my birthday.

  23. Camila Tejada says:

    Was I the only one who had a huge smile on my face during the whole entire

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