Well-known people with Herpes @ Celebrities-With-Herpes.com.wmv

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Will not be these individuals. Mapoti See Bloopers and Behind-The-Scenes Here!: http://youtu.be/dfpo7uXwJnM Huge thank you and shout out to Dtrix: http://www.youtube…
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28 Responses to Well-known people with Herpes @ Celebrities-With-Herpes.com.wmv

  1. Jason Keller says:

    WTF? This is just speculation not proven fact that these people have

  2. Vasumati Lapre says:

    Hi, wrong treatment could make your herpes getting worse. Before taking any
    herpes treatment method, make sure you understand what makes it worse.

  3. Estee Redding says:

    They say Your wealth is your health

  4. Mokane Cockman says:

    Well it’s obvious Chris Brown has HERPES cause Rihanna cheated on him and
    then she told him she had it….which was a Stupid idea lmao

  5. Tamia Blake says:


  6. J'von Lee says:

    Even David hastlehof 

  7. Cesarani Gori says:

    If your doctor told you that you can’t get rid of Herpes *READ THIS!*
    Anyone can get rid of genital herpes without medication.. *See Below*

  8. John chevelle says:

    It just shows you things are not what they seem! And yes they do have them.

  9. Rosa L says:

    How to get rid of oral herpes is an ongoing problem You can take
    antipyretic and pain killers but they wont help with the outbreak. Visit
    FirstDale. com Find out how you really can get rid of herpes One of herpes
    To date traditional medicine that has proven to be put in size while
    decreasing the world you can I Get Rid of herpes, and salt.

  10. Love, H Style says:


  11. Viky Li says:

    And those people that always say “how does this video get 30 million views
    when there’s only 7 million people on Earth?” Seriously, go fuck yourselves

  12. Rishi Jusia says:

    Am I the only one noticing al these people pretending they are Grammar
    Nazi’s when they make mistakes like not capitalizing the self standing
    “I’s” In sentences or making the unforgivable mistake “your” instead of
    Well… If you are one and you now recognized yourself, just shut the fuck

    Thank you.

  13. MrFlakkes says:

    There is only 3 things that I hate about internet

    1- People that call racist to everyone
    2- Racism
    3- Asians

  14. Wace the Scalemate says:

    …i am so offended that i cant even rant about it o-o

  15. Zineb Hamdi-Cherif says:

    Dear rayen. Hahahaha just kidding i never say this
    You are so funny .
    You made me laugh when you did gangamstye i didn’t see that coming.
    And i agree with you ^-^
    Good video


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  17. josevonbuergenwader2 says:

    I hate that by the end of my life, every single person on the internet will
    have eventually told me to “do my research” on some bizarrely specific and
    obscure topic/subject. Like, bitch, ain’t nobody got time to read up on
    Japanese whaling history to satisfy some half-dressed douche in his living
    room in Rhode Island. Dafuq I look like? An encyclopedia of the world’s
    most useless and trivial information?

  18. ElectricPlay 46 says:

    Actually 7 BILLION people on Earth. (Haha, I am being MAPOTI)

  19. Noah'sExpertGaming says:

    Mapoti comment chain on every channel…I want it now.

  20. Rosotee says:

    I like grammar Nazis. They help me when I spell crap wrong.

  21. Tony Deese says:

    He just used Legen wait for it Dary, HIMYM reference

  22. schalazeal07 says:

    Hahahaha!!! I’m guilty on some of these! I’m a MAPOTI!!! 😀 Well at least
    you’re aware that you are too Ryan! XD (Y)

  23. shimon kupershlak says:

    i am just wondering… not HATING, i am first to the channel…

    why is your name has a *NIGA*higa?

  24. Madame Monica says:

    How is deep thought annoying? It’s a hell of a lot better than some
    buck-toothed inbred chick posting a picture of her duckface in the mirror,
    getting humped by her 4 year old son, talking about how much she loves
    weed. Bonus points for a dildo, used tampon, or unflushed toilet existing
    within said picture. Unless you mean people who try to be deep but instead
    pull a Jaden Smith, then agreed.
    Also, 100% agree with the “trying too hard” guy. If you try to make
    yourself out to be a gentleman, that just gives me the impression that
    you’re anything but, and also very dishonest. Like, “I like a girl for her
    personality,” that just screams, “I can’t put my peen in your personality,
    but i’ll tell you it’s important to me because I think you’re naive and
    stupid.” Ugh.

  25. Jason Smith says:

    Hmm… You got most of the good ones covered… Oh! How about that Hardcore
    person? You know, that one person that loves something so much, they’ll
    shut down anyone that says anything different, and tries to force their
    liking on to you. I’m sure a lot of you have seen this kind of person.

  26. Geir Kristian Svendsen says:

    I am sick of people that says “FIRST” all the smoking time, and also guys
    that complain about things that are annoying. I hate those people, its so

  27. Nina Luu says:

    Do you know why he has over 7 million subscribers? Because people love him
    so much they make more account so they can subscribe and support him

  28. Webkinzluvers333 says:

    i HATE the grammar police LIKE NO ONE NEEDS GRAMMAR!

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