Why Rand Paul Is Providing a White Nationalist&#39s Funds to Charleston Victims

Why Is Offering a Nationalist&#39s Cash to
On Monday morning, a spokesman for the presidential candidate mentioned the cash would go as an alternative to the people whose lives were shattered by the Charleston church massacre. “RandPAC is … In 2007, Little Green Footballs blogger Charles Johnson exposed …
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Slashies vs. Yuccies: Genuine Faces of the New Imaginative Class
A &quotslashie&quot truly has three jobs: pay out the expenses, keep the juices flowing with play and pursue a specialist experiment that furthers a innovative path regardless of monetary achieve — how she hopes to someday earn a living. A &quotslashie&quot is me. And …
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Blues: Doug Armstrong, say hello to the sizzling seat
Get a pick in the approaching draft or discover a way to reduce T.J. Oshie and Patrik Berglund&#39s heavyweight cotton salary off the payroll. There are only so several instances you can inform your fanbase this year is the 12 months ahead of they grow to be weary with their money. Tom …
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